Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Celebrity Scandal in Hollywood.Ashton Kutcher and Brittney Jones exposed in new sextape

Brittney Jones
, the young beauty from LA that claims to have had an affair with Hollywood front man Ashton Kutcher is releasing a sextape via Vivid Entertainment. The male participant is unnamed, but Brittney says she met up with Ashton Kutcher for sex after meeting him in the Lucky Strike bowling alley in Hollywood. Ashton is none too happy about the accusations, but it remains unclear what really happened. Vivid has struck a deal with Brittney Jones and we're hearing December 14th they will release the tape entitled Brittney Jones Confidential. Brittney is one curvy and sexy woman, don't miss this chance to see her nude and presumably getting boned on film! Check out the limited screenshots Vivid has released!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Camilla Belle naked Video

Camilla Belle naked picked up the skirt that was almost see through sheer and found a nicely matching top that was more of a vest of lace with a deep V-plunge in the front. The straps were like spaghetti straps but made of cashmere and the back was see through black! Guess she would not be wearing a bra with this shirt! Camilla Belle was actually embarrassed a bit by the fact this turned her on...something she had tried not to think about for a long time, always ended in disappointment.

Friday at the office was unbearable, as nude Camilla Belle didn’t reveal to any of her friends what she would be wearing. She was wearing a pantsuit, very plain and low heels. She couldn’t wait to kick them off and get into her new outfit. Camilla must have tried porn it on a dozen times already and each time she did she lost just a bit more of her corporate self-image!

After work Jackie rushed home so Camilla Belle naked would have time to have her hair done before getting ready. Her friend Alisia was coming to do it for her on short notice...she was a great hairdresser and friend. Alisia told Jackie it would probably be better if she got dressed first so not to mess up the style later. So Jackie quick approached the bedroom to get dressed. First she slid on the black stockings one leg at a time. She had decided to go with thigh highs instead...first time for everything!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Maria and Camilla Show Some Love

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a hospitalized child. And Maria Sharapova took some time out of her busy schedule to show some love to an ill child yesterday.

The tennis chick was joined by “10,000 B.C.” actress Camilla Belle at the Baptist Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida as she brightened up the day of one very lucky patient.

Always at the top of her game, Maria recently told press of her big time aspirations for the Summer Olympics coming up. ”It’s been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl, so it’s been one of my priorities for a very long time.”

She continued, “The Olympics comes around only once every four years and the U.S. Open is there every single year. One of the things I’m really looking forward to is the opening ceremony and walking with all the athletes from my country in front of thousands of people.”

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Camilla Belle arrive at the 2008

Watch there Camilla Belle naked Video

(L-R) Tennis player Maria Sharapova and actress Camilla Belle arrive at the 2008 ESPY Awards at the Kodak Theatre on July 11, 2008 in Hollywood, California.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Camilla Belle wallpaper

She has the ability to dress so stylish down to a tee! Without fail, she always looks amazing at red carpet events - definitely a fashion icon.

I love her whole outfit, especially the shoes. And an interesting hairstyle for her as well!

OBVIOUS NOSE JOB of Camilla Belle! then now

Noses don't shrink in width as you get older..

I will laugh so hard if you guys think it's real and perfect..

I bet her teeth are next!

Are you an envious big-nosed girl? I'll post this again...

You are an idiot. The reason there's a difference in nostrils is because the way she's posing.

The way you smile makes your nose look different from when you're not smiling.

My nose is thin, but if I crack a huge smile it appears wide too.

Different age, differernt lighting, different angle, differernt pose, etc.

To me it seems like you're just hideously ugly, jealous and want to pick apart this girl.

Camilla isn't even as shallow as you people, she's said on Wild 94.9 (Radio Show)
that she'd never even contemplate plastic surgery.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Camilla looks like Tom Cruise

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Yep. It's true. Watch Legend. Then look at Camilla Belle. Tom Cruise. Camilla Belle.
This Video where they together....

Yep. It's true. Watch Legend. Then look at Camilla Belle. Tom Cruise. Camilla Belle.

I've always seen a strong similarity between the two as well.

And I don't mean this post in a negative way - I think Camilla is beautiful - but she does have what can only be described as androgynous features.

Yeah, she does!
Camilla Belle naked kind of looks like Tom's daughter, Suri!
I've been telling everyone that she looks like joe jonas from the jonas brothers and i stick by that look it up
Thank God someone else feels this way! I thought I was the only one. When I saw her in When A Stranger Calls, all I could think was she looks like a female Tom Cruise. Then when I saw her in The Quiet, I began to think she looks so much like TC, she could be his daughter. So when Suri grows up, she'll like like Camilla Belle? Not bad.